I’ve chatted about the history of sweat and deodorants on NPR :

Here I am on Story Collider, talking to a live audience about my brush with rabies in Guatemala.

I’ve discussed the history of cannibalism in Europe live on CNN:

I’ve also produced radio features for broadcast. Here are a few below:


The Brazilian martial art called Capoiera is steeped in music, mysticism and dance. Find out more about this martial art in my documentary about the Capoiera scene in Ottawa. Aired on CBC Ottawa’s All in a Day in February 2005.



Canada sets aside November 11th as Remembrance Day, to reflect upon past wars and to remember the soldiers that fought in them. Relief workers are also found at the front lines of war. This documentary explores what relief workers think about on Remembrance Day. Aired on CKCU Ottawa in November 2004.


More to come…