I’m an award-winning science journalist and speaker based in Ottawa, Canada.

My forthcoming book THE JOY OF SWEAT: The Strange Science of Perspiration is a taboo-busting romp through the shame, stink, and science of sweating.


I’m delighted that the book was put on the New York Times 2021 summer reading list!

Additional reviews:

“The Joy of Sweat is meticulously researched, delightfully told, and—whether we like it or not—universally relatable.”
– Alex Hutchinson, best-selling author of Endure

“Everts has an easy hand with demystifying myths associated with sweat…Packed full of information and unexpected tidbits, this is hard to put down.”
– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Sweating makes us human and in The Joy of Sweat, Sarah Everts explains the fascinating science behind this remarkable physiological function. Perspiration doesn’t just keep us cool, it also reveals a lot about us — everything from the flavor of potato crisps we eat to the bugs in our microbiome. Everts debunks loads of sweat-related bunk and takes readers on fascinating adventures to explore how sweating helps us adapt to our environment and navigate our social networks. The Joy of Sweat provides riveting lessons about physiology, hormones, sociology, and even love.”
– Christie Aschwanden, best-selling author of Good to Go

– Kirkus Reviews

“It makes us stink, it makes us stand out, it makes us shy — is there anything worth saying about sweat? Turns out, yes. Sarah Everts’ sensitive, clever, funny inquiry into perspiration leads us on a tour through privacy, technology, history, sexuality, and ultimately the mysteries of being human.”
– Maryn McKenna, author of Big Chicken

It goes on sale on July 13, 2021 but you can pre-order it at these online booksellers or wherever books are sold.

Amazon (US)
Amazon (Canada)
Amazon UK (Europe)
Barnes & Noble
Penguin Random House (Canada)
Norton (UK & Europe)

Some more about me:

I am the CTV Chair in Digital Science Journalism at Carleton University in the School of Journalism and Communication.

I was born and raised in Montreal, and spent eleven years (2007-2018) as a foreign correspondent in Berlin, Germany. I have also lived in Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Guelph, and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Here’s my CV.

I also have a penchant for writing about art and artifacts, fake foods, chemical weapons, the history of chemistry and alchemy, pheromones, sweat, and frankly, anything unexpected or absurd. My work was chosen for the 2017 Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology.

I used to host quirky videos about chemistry.

I’ve been the journalist in residence at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science and a visiting scholar at the Science History Institute.

Find me on Twitter: @saraheverts