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Creating the fear of stink in America in The Smithsonian

    A hundred years ago, deodorants and antiperspirants were obscure products that few people used–or even knew about. Now they are an $18 billion industry worldwide. Find out how a traveling Bible salesman and high school entrepreneur helped launched our fear of sweat.

    The article was picked up by Boing Boing, Andrew Sullivan, and others. The story was also republished on Jezebel.

The history of sweat on NPR-WBUR’s Here and Now show

    I talk about the science and history of sweat, including what the ancient Egyptians used to do to control B.O.

The truth about pheromones in The Smithsonian Magazine

    Any bodily fluid is a possible source of human pheromones… not just sweat.

What exactly are deodorants and antiperspirants made of? in What’s That Stuff?

    Find out what makes these anti-sweat products work.

Criminal body odor in Newscripts

    Using sweat to identify perpetrators.

Pontificating on Perspiration

Do humans have pheromones? A stinky investigation…